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Todd Chippendale BLCKIDDCPT picture

Todd Chippendale BLCKIDDCPT


Hi Lynne 

I'd just like to once again thank you for the website you designed for me. 

As it has helped many of my listeners stay up to date with my music." TODD -PRODUCER

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Muneeb Maarman Maarman Transport


Good day Lynne

Yes there was feedback  and  very nice comments  they liked it. I think it was  great idea to start  off with my profile going around on social media.s Sharing it around was the cherry on the cake, every week I’m getting more people viewing  my Facebook page and my post/Ads  so far I must say GREAT JOB to you LYNNE." MUNEEB - Tourism and Transport 

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BRIDGETTE BRUKMAN - Brukman Consulting


LH Media

Brukman Consulting applauds you on your service…its accessibility, flexibility and personal touch…this has definitely resonated in a clear understanding of our messaging which we felt in the response from our clients. They clearly understand our journey and where we going… we look forward to walking this path with you.." BRIDGETTE BRUKMAN - Entertainment, Artists, Events 

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Aviwe Madikane Milisuthando Cleaning Service


"I partnered with Lynne to help with my social pages (Lord knows I suck at this) and everything marketing..

Thanks to this group I found someone I can trust and who is easy to work with (as she can attest sometimes I can be a bit of 'uhm ocdish' but I must say she is always patient with me)."

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Danolene Johanessen

Bare Fooot and Alone- Royal Kidz

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