When giving up is not the answer... The Octaves Musical

By Lynne Hendricks · Aug 17, 2021
When giving up is not the answer... The Octaves Musical picture

When we think Business, we think of a product or a service and as a result we often miss out on knowing the most important aspect of the business. “The self!” 

When something is meant to be, nothing can stop it, not even a bullet. Every idea starts off as a thought, a vision, an idea and over time it develops into a concept or product that eventually becomes tangible. Imaan and her Business, Octave Media is a true example of never giving up. She had vision and nothing could stop her vision, her dream, her idea from coming to fruition. 

Who is Imaan? Imaan Anders was born on the Cape Flats, just a few year before we reached our democracy and at the tender age of 3 she got to experience the wrath of that Apartheid era, as she stared down the barrel of a gun and got caught in the cross fire between the police and protesters. Luckily the pellets missed her organs, as they rained down on her fragile little body, hitting her head and upper body. Imaan survived this ordeal, for a reason.

She grew up in a home filled with music, as both her parents worked in the industry and shared a true love for music and the arts. Her father was part of a band called, “Joy”. Still today one of their song can be heard playing on the radio. “Paradise Road” If that was not enough to cement her love for the arts, her uncle was non other that Taliep Petersen. She was fully loaded, locked and ready to fire, with a dream of one day becoming a film director. 

Despite her family history, opportunities did not just fall into her lap. She had to start at the bottom and work her way up and she is proud of her achievements, as these opportunities and challenges has helped craft the person she is today. Her working history speaks volumes, as she had worked for XCON films on AN NUR, producing content for the Muslim community, as well as the Breakfast Express. Here she work as a art runner, behind the scenes gaining the knowledge and experience she craved. She was prepared to do anything to for these opportunities and they fed and inspired her drive to push ahead.

It paid off as someone noticed her talents and she was given the opportunity to work at Cardova Production. This was only after months of moving from department to department doing whatever she was tasked to do. This opportunity was enough to confirm her passions. She was going to make it. She was going to leave her mark in this industry and later she became her own boss doing freelance work, as well as becoming the Project Director for TRIO_TTT doing community up-liftment. 

In 2014, driven by the need for mental and emotional stimulation, she wrote the play she had always dreamt of writing. It’s a musical, set in a modern day South Africa, as it brings into it the tools and technology that we all use today, as well as highlighting the issues that young and old have to deal with. Issues of sexuality, wealth, belonging, race, etc. Dispelling the myths linked to them while using music that speaks to the soul. Octave Media run by Imaan birthed her much dreamed of stage production.  

The joy she felt when the first proposal sent out got a positive response, alas her dream was soon shattered. The production team did not agree with the story angel and insisted that she brings about some changes to fit their specific need. Imaan felt strongly that the story she has to tell, deserves to be told the way she intended it to be told and she had to part ways with the broadcasting station in Johannesburg. Her story was and is that important to her. 

Today she has a partnership with Arts Cape and together they are bringing her story to the people as it has always been intended. The story set in a modern day South Africa, a feel good story that most people would be able to relate to. Bringing aspects of our daily lives to life on stage. The production in itself is also giving young people an opportunity to be a part of stage production and explore their creative side.

Imaan believes in not giving up, her message to everyone is: “It’s about the effort you put in, not about the amount of the times you were rejected.” She has certainly proven that she is unstoppable. That the determination she was born with was enough to keep her going, for her to birth her own creation, The Octaves Musical and she invites everyone to be a part of this production.  

For more information please contact Imaan via email: [email protected], also check out her social media pages like, share and follow her journey.   


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