When a community comes together, the impossible can be achieved.

By Lynne Hendricks · Apr 19, 2021
When a community comes together, the impossible can be achieved. picture

There is nothing more heart warming than watching a community who come together for a good cause. The feeling of warmth and love when a community comes together, to make a difference and this past Sunday we saw just that. A few close friends and family, in conjunction with Brukman Consulting and Utopia Cafe and Lounge, hosted a benefit showcase event to raise funds for Sidney Oliver the former manager of Westend. 

Sidney, a friend too many, is known for his kind and caring nature. He could always be found at the entrance of the club, to warmly welcome each and every patron on arrival. Always open and keen to avail the club and help struggling artist and NGO's alike trying to, either raise funds or increase their following by showing casing their talents. No request was too much for Sidney to help pull off. 

The swift arrival of Covid-19 saw the closure of Clubs and pubs across South Africa, over a year ago, resulting in Sidney and other club employees not being able to earn an income. This would not be the end of bad news for Sidney, as he suddenly found himself in need of urgent and expensive medical care. 

Being the proud and private man he is known to be, Sidney fought this battle on his own, until word spread of his medical needs and his friend and family sprung into action and decided to host a Benefit Showcase to raise funds towards his medical costs. Keeping in mind that Sidney's approval would be required. Grateful for the hands reaching out, Sidney gracefully accepted the offer. 

Yesterday, Sunday 18 April a string of local artist took to the stage and entrained the many loyal patrons, friends and family of Sidney who rallied together to help raise as much funds as possible, to help cover his medical cost. Not being able to be present, Sidney sent a heartfelt message to be read, expressing his gratitude for all the support. 

The entire events focus being on raising funds for Sidney's medical costs. The artists all expressed that they were just there to show their support to a man, who had supported them over the years. One never knows what one good deed could result in, or when you would need someone's help to do a good deed on your behalf. 

As Salome Damons Johansen, the stage manager recalled, Sidney always helped others host charity events and would joking state, that no one would ever have to host a benefit event on his behalf. Little did he know that, that day would indeed materialise and his community did not let him down. 

When a community comes together the impossible can be done...

Should you feel the need to provide further assistance, please email [email protected]

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