What to do with your time during lockdown

By Lynne Hendricks
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Small Businesses owners, we all know the rollercoaster journey we have been on to get our Businesses up and running. For many of us, the road was a long and stressful journey, with many ups and downs, before we eventually saw a positive revenue. We were finally able to sit back and watch as our profit margin slowly start to grow, giving us the peace of mind that we had indeed made the right choice, by taking that risk and starting our own Business.

For others, we were only just getting to the point of seeing things fall into place, seeing potential clients take an interest in our business and within the space of one week, things came to an abrupt halt. Covid-19 hit our shores and we were put on lockdown. Shutting out all opportunity to trade, build Business Relationships or further opportunities to grow our Businesses. We are now five weeks into the lockdown and although some restriction are being lifted, we are still a long way away from being free to trade productively, so what do we do?

Why not look at up skiling ourselves. Yes, I know that learning a new skill cost money, but sitting around being idol, when you have a Business to revive, is not an option either and learning a new skill or two, while the lockdown continues, could just be the key needed to help you move forwards once the lockdown is finally lifted. I have found some free online training courses to do, so why not do the same, just open your internet browser and find the perfect free online training course for you.

Go ahead, learn a new skill, learn something new that can either further enhance your Business, or better yet show you a new way of doing Business. Business trends are constantly changing and unless we are willing to up skill ourselves or put ourselves out there, we may find ourselves being left behind in a very competitive Business world.

On this day, 27 April, we celebrate our freedom as a democratic country and as a result of that democracy we have the freedom to do so much more. Do not under estimate the power of our democracy. Seize the moment, seize the opportunity and be one step ahead to revive your Business and your life...

Happy Freedom Day!!!

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