We came in Peace

By Lynne Hendricks

We watch with baited breath as our ship slows down for the final descent. We’ve read much about this planet and now we are finally visiting it. We chose Spain, Villa Gelida, Costa Brava set high on a hill top, overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean as our destination. 

Our ship hoovers before we gently touch down in sync with the swaying of the waves. We can see earthlings by the thousands gathering around to get a glimpse of us. They are indeed a strange species.

So we sit waiting, our ship gently dancing with the rhythm of the waves, while the humans push at each other to get a better view. After a long, tense wait, Commander gives the word and our drawbridge gently extends all the way across the waves to the road outside the Villa. Never before had I seen such a spectacle. Humans running and screaming, trampling each other, now in fear of our arrival. All curiosity forgotten.

The drawbridge connects with the road and a deadly hush falls over the humans, as they remain frozen in fear, watching, waiting for our eventual appearance. Meanwhile inside the giant ship, we take up our positions as per rank. Everyone from young to old is disciplined to the last minuscule detail of our visit to planet earth.

For the safety of all we send out a drone first. It has one specific purpose. To convince the humans that we come in peace. The drone size door opens and it rolls out carrying with it a single message.

Loosely translated it reads. ‘We come in peace. This is Dwine789. We learnt all about your beautiful country from https://winetourismspain.com/ and we are here to come and experience the best that Spain has to offer.’

Now, we sit and wait in anticipation for a response. For hours nothing happen. The day turns into night and as dusk takes its hold, the villa suddenly comes to life. Lights come on everywhere. People are flocking to the villa, carrying tables and chairs.  A red carpet is being rolled out. We’re completely stunned and unsure of what is happening. We jump into action only when Dwine789 returns, with a response to our request.

The note reads as follows: ‘I, Mariano Rajoy Brey, Prime Minister to Spain welcomes you. We have taken the liberty of gathering some of best the wines we have to offer. We will leave it at the end of your drawbridge and hope that you will enjoy the best Spain has to offer.’

Dwine789 brings back three crates of wine containing: Emilio Lustau, VORS Dry Oloroso 500ml NV, Vinedos de Pagenos, El Puntido 2010 and Vina Tondonia, Reserva 2004

We greedily sample the wine, our mission being to observe, sample, decide. The commander, happy with the sample, decides and we descend. These earthlings will be enslaved to produce more of this great wine they have introduced us to. We no longer come in peace, rejection does not sit well with us.

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