Time to give back to the Arts- Arts Unite

By Lynne Hendricks · Oct 21, 2021
Time to give back to the Arts- Arts Unite picture

Imagine you lived in a world where you as a parent, weren’t able to provide for your family. 

Imagine you lived in a world where you weren’t able to practice your trade. 

Imagine  you lived in a world where you have your car, home and possessions repossessed because you could not pay your bills. 

Imagine you lived in a world where you had to sell you prized possessions, the tools of your trade to provide for your family.

Sadly, this is the reality most for the artists we have loved, admired and followed over the years. They have not been able perform to sold out shows or live audiences since the Covid regulations have been enforced. Our beloved artists are struggling and they need our help.  

In honour of her 50th Birthday Bridgette, owner of Brukman Consulting has decided to turn the focus on those struggling artists. Instead of having a lavish party, she would prefer to give back to those struggling artists. We are heading into the festive season and every one should be free to enjoy it. 

Bridgette is turning to you for help, to help her ensure that each and ever artists she is able support at this time, has a memorable festive experience. Brukman Consulting needs your help and any and all donations will be welcomed.The artists needs non perishables, something sweet and much needed toiletries. The choice of what to donate is all yours, keeping in mind that some artists have young children who have different needs and this initiative is about bringing something festive to the lives of the artists and their families.

Other ways to support the Arts. Arts Unite is about the Arts, for the Artists and  October saw a host of Artists take to the stage, as they performed to although limited, yet sold out theatre. October may be coming to an end, but November promises to bring even more entertainment to those committed fans.

Our artist need us now. They need our support. 

Upcoming  Arts Unite shows happening at Roxy Revue Bar  in NOVEMBER 

Wednesday 3rd Seth Gray
Friday 5th Maxine Wild
Saturday 6th Vuvu Kumalo SOLD OUT

Wednesday 10th Jodi Hendricks 
Friday 12th Madeegha 
Saturday 13th  Elwira Standili

Wednesday 17th Craig Jordaan 
Friday 19th  PJ Twins 
Saturday 20th PJ Twins

Wednesday 24th Candice Thornton 
Friday 26th August West
Saturday 27th Robin Pieters SOLD OUT

A personal note from Bridgette herself:

“I want to giveback. Help me help the artist, have a special festive season.”

For more information contact Bridgette at. [email protected]


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