The Girl with the Golden Voice:

By Lynne Hendricks · Jul 16, 2020
The Girl with the Golden Voice: picture

Meet Anastacia Gretchen Pharo, a fifteen year old, who hails from Eersteriver, where she lives with her mother, grandmother and older sister. Her family originates from Touws River and she is a scholar at Apex High School, completing Grade10. Her favourite subject is dramatic Acts.

Who exactly is Anastacia Pharo? Anastacia is the winner of the Lockdown Live, Youth Day Voice Search, hosted by Robin Pieters and until the night of the online event, Anastacia had only sang live on stage once before. Prior to that night she mainly sang with her friends in and around her family home. Her talent stems from both sides of her family, as both her mom and dad have family members who sing.  

The shy fifteen year old absolutely loves singing and feels incomplete if she isn’t able to so. Her vocal ability impressed the judges so much, that she soon became a favourite, during the competition. “She is young and easy to mould”, as one of the judges mentioned, “and as a result she absorbs all advice given to her. This will help her grow in her trade.”

Anastacia may be young, but she is ambitious. She sees herself competing in ‘The Voice America’ in the near future. She has some advise for other young vocalist out there. “Just be yourself. Be comfortable in your skin. Learn and figure out your vocal ability. Never stop singing because you will always learn something new. Be grateful of other vocal critiques and listen to what they have to say.  Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom and slowly climb your way to the top.”

In her own words winning the Lockdown Live Voice Search has left her feeling blessed, yet normal. She is doing what she is meant to do. Her voice is her gift and she is willing to share it.

Her motto being: “Laat sukses jou hoogste prys wees.” Meaning let your success be your highest or best prize.

Anastacia has made her mark in the music industry and she is here to stay.

For more information please feel free to contact her: [email protected] 

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