SignatureSA: The Journey

By Lynne Hendricks
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SignatureSA: The Journey. There was no better way to celebrate Youth Day than to watch young people step out into the world and take risks. SignatureSA did just that, with a triple celebration on Sunday. Firstly they celebrated Father’s Day with their fathers and many other dads across Cape Town. Next they celebrated themselves, as the Youth, the future of South Africa. The final celebration came, as they once again celebrated themselves as a young band, who is not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. 

Signature SA: The Journey showcased at the Baxter Theatre on Sunday evening. The band together with the show’s Director Robin Pieters called a few of the established artist whom the band has had the privilege to work with, to help share their journey of the past three years. These artist include: Ruby Truter, the first vocalist to join the band on stage, other artists include Robin Pieters, Don Vino Prins, Salome D Johansen, Claire Phillips, Keanu Harker and Seth Daniel. Each artists emphasised their journey with the band. Some even sharing some words of wisdom and events that they have experienced with the band. The important fact being that the night was about SignatureSA and this was truly visible during the first half the show.

The second half of the show was dedicated to and performed solely by SignatureSA and Craig Jordaan, as they showcased exactly what they had to offer.  They trusted themselves, they took a leap of faith and they released their first CD of strictly, authentic SignatureSA compilations, with a special song dedicated to Hilton Brukman, the deceased Husband of their manager Bridgette Brukman. This left the audience in tears as they felt the raw emotions of that particular song, but they loved every single original song the band performed.

SignatureSA set an example for other artists, they showed them what hard work and dedication can do. They have in a sense opened a doorway that for many seemed like an impossible task. They are brave and they have given Youth Day a new meaning, as they conquered their mountain. Watch them closely as continue to rise above all challenges and break the barriers that many fear. They will be releasing a video of the nights events soon, so watch this space. 

SignatureSA The Journey continues…

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