Signature SA, That Band, The Band That Stood The Test of Time.

By Lynne Hendricks · Oct 29, 2021
Signature SA, That Band, The Band That Stood The Test of Time. picture

The Band burst onto the music scene, in 2017, five eager young boys aged 17 to 22 years, desperately wanting make music, since then they developed and blossomed into young men. The band, as many bands do, found its origin the church and the original band consisted of a bass guitarist, a drummer, a lead guitarist, a keyboard player and a saxophonist, all hailing from Belhar. These five young men considers themselves to be brothers and vowed to be the best band of their era. 

Please don’t be fooled by the youthfulness of the band, they are regarded as a band beyond their years. They manage to capture the attention of and cater for all age groups. Securing themselves the position as the preferred band. They may have started off playing in church, but since then they have played gigs such as NGO fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Moss Jazz, Cape Town in Concert, even becoming a regular feature at Jackson Hall, etc. 

They also participated in The Young Legends competition and played at RAW. 

They fall under the Brukman Consulting banner and is the current band for Arts Unite. They exceeded all expectations when they released their CD with original music in 2019, sporting their own style and sound. 

They have no fear and is always ready for the next challenge. That Band, Signature SA will not allow any adversity to get them down. They survived Covid, they survived Band member changes, they even survived when FaceBook deleting their Fan Page, for some unknown reason.

They have a motto, which they live up too.  "You name it, We play it”

Let’s show Signature SA some love. 

Let’s help them remain the fine band they are. 

Let’s help them regain all the followers they have lost. 

Let’s help them be the best band of this era. 

Follow them on Social Media.

FaceBook: That Band Signature SA

Instagram: Signature_SA1   

For bookings or enquirers email: [email protected]  

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