By Lynne Hendricks
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Very few artists are able to say, that they have survived ten years in the music industry. This past Weekend Don Vino Prins did just that. He took to stage at Grand West Arena, where thousands of his loyal fans awaited to help him celebrate not 10, but 20 successful years in the music industry.

Don Vino shared his journey from being a part-time musician, while working as a packer at Shoprite earning R200 per month. It only took one gig that paid him R200 to convince him that he needed to pursue his music career.  

Like many other musicians he took a risk, quit his job and followed his dream. He moved from band to band, from gig to gig, while silently building his brand. As recently as three years ago he took another leap of faith and started his solo career. Saxy Vibes III being his third solo installment. The first two Saxy Vibes performances were hosted at The Roxy Revue Bar and Don Vino watched as his following grew.

On Saturday he put all his eggs into one basket. He had booked the Grand Arena at Grand West. He called on the best of the best artists to share the stage with him, local and international artist alike. These included: Jarred Rickets, Jonathan Rubain, Amy Jones, Andrew Young, Craig Jordaan, Salome Damons, PJ Powers and DJ Cal. Don Vino’s risk paid off, as each and every artist on stage provided the entertainment the audience wanted and paid for.

This well put together production proved that Don Vino has made the right choice with regards to his career. Music definitely runs through his veins. The Phrase that Don Vino Prins has arrived is long overdue, but he hasn’t just arrived. He is on top of the world

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