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By lynne Hendricks · Sep 20, 2020
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As we slowly emerge from the World Wide Covid-19 Lockdown, we begin to realise the enormous impact that this pandemic had on our community and family members. For the first time in many years we were all affected by the same phenomenon, irrespective of our backgrounds. This included those employed and unemployed.

Just like a father hustling to keep his head above water in an attempt to support his family, mothers and especially single mothers were also left to hustle in an attempt to put food on the table.

Lockdown kept everyone at home, including single mothers and in many instances these mothers were forced to look at the employment options available online. The biggest problem with many of these options being the number of online scams. How do you weed out the real opportunities from those fake online scams. They all offer quick and easy ways to earn cash. These often being to the the detriment of the entire family. Especially when are you a desperate single, mother struggling to put food on the table for your family. 

A mothers love knows no boundaries.

One struggling mother found a legitimate way do so. The only problem with the legitimate way is that the turn over does not provide overnight success. It requires that you be ruthless and diligent with advertising your business and keeping people interested in your services and products and after a while you tend exhaust those loyal supporters, who can only support you so much.

Rabiah Rene Hendricks, is one such mother. She saw an opportunity and took the bull by the horns. She wasn’t to going to let her family starve, Lockdown or no Lockdown.  She did her research and found sound and valid opportunities to get a Small Business up and running. 

Now she needs your support. She is an innovative creative and has expanded her products, ensuring that you have options. Remember supporting a local Small Business does not always involve spending money. You may not be in a position to purchase anything, but may know of someone who can.

How to support Rabiah:

1. Buy from her selection of products.

2. Recommend her products to someone who can afford to purchase something.

3. Engage with her and see how you can get involved, should you find yourself in a similar situation.

4. Recommend another single mother who can benefit from her business model.

What does Rabiah sell: AMC cookware; Teeth whitening toothpaste; Hand knitted goods such as jersey’s and baby goods.

Remember one sale can be the difference between helping to feed a family or having them go hungry….

Contact Rabiah:

FaceBook: @Rhenz Online Emporium

Email: [email protected] 

WhatsApp: +2784 898 5484

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