Paying It Forward

By Lynne Hendricks
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Nelson Mandela is a name that is know the world over and we as South Africans have the honour of calling him our own, the father of our nation. Mandela gave up his life and his freedom to ensure that as South Africans, we can now live free from oppression, free from judgement and free from segregation. All he ever asked in return was that we treat each other with respect and dignity and more importantly that we give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. 

On July 18th in honour of his birthday the world comes together to celebrate this man, by giving 67 minute of our time. Now there are many ways to do so and most people do so with great enthusiasm. Using there 67 minutes they will paint walls, wash windows and feed the hungry, etc to make a difference in the lives of others. 

One particular event stands out for me,  it was a truly selfless act, performed for the benefit of one young man, that opened a doorway for him and possibly changed the course of his life.  Instead of asking people to give 67 minutes, they were asked to part with R167.

This event took on the form of a benefit concert, conceptualised, and executed in the space of three weeks to help a young man see his dreams come true and help him reach his full potential. This event was put together and hosted by Craig Lucas and a few of his closest friends in honour of Euwing Stevens, who won a soccer scholarship to study in the United State of America, but he did not have the funds he needed to get there. Craig caught wind of this young man’s plight and stepped in and came to the his aid. 

He called on a few good friends and those who were available gave of their time and they put together a most spectacular production to raise the much needed funds. It only took three weeks of planning and canvasing to see a successful production emerge. Ticket sales and generous donors saw to the rest as the R80 000 plus some change was raised. On stage that night was Craig Lucas, Craig Jordaan, Anslin Gysman, Do Vino Prins, Yanga Sobetwa, Paxton Fielies and the Pedestrians.

The night was a huge success and through a thoughtless act the life of a young man will change for the better, as he reaches for new heights in pursuit of his dreams. It does not take much to give back and change the lives of others. We all the ability to do so. Paying it forward should be part of our daily lives. 

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