Open Letter to Covid-19

By Lynne Hendricks · Dec 31, 2020
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Dear Corona Virus AKA Covid-19 AKA Covid

As we welcome in a new year, we have to take a moment to address you. Your sudden arrival this year was devastating and you have certainly made your point. The year 2020 dubbed to be the year of plenty has been nothing but a year filled with heartbreak and loss. 

We have lost too much, to mention and for some the loss has been greater than for others. People have lost their homes, income and more importantly they have lost their loved ones.

Home's and income can be replaces, but loved ones are lost forever.

Many of those who have died and who are currently fighting to rid their bodies from your clutches, are innocent victims, they are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and children of families who need them. 

You have made your point. 

We hear you loud and clear. 

We need to take better care of ourselves and our planet. 

Is it fair of you to continue to torment the world, on account of a select few, who choose to ignore your warnings; ignore your rein of terror on those of us who are adhering to the regulation; those of us who are masking up, sanitising and isolating ourselves.

Not only are you killing our people, you are also killing the economy of the world. We are loosing more that just revenue here, as great innovative minds are being lost. 

2021 brings with it not just a new year, but new beginnings, with new growth and development and we ask that you acknowledge your point has been received and give especially our front line workers a break and leave them be. 

Many of our them have lost the fight against you, many of them have lost loved one's and most of them have not been afforded the opportunity to bid them the farewell they deserve. 

We are tired, our frontline workers are tired, our very own President is tired. 

Covid it's time for you to leave us alone now.

We no longer wish to be entangled with you. 

Leave our people alone. 

The time has come for you to leave... 

Be Gone Corona

Be Gone Covid-19

Be Gone!!


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