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By Lynne Hendricks
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Who put’s the Brukman into Brukman Consulting:
Meet the Woman behind the name.

Brukman Consulting is the exclusive creation of Bridgette Brukman. Who exactly is Bridgette Brukman and where does she come from? Bridgette is originally from PE, where she was born and raised. She is the youngest of five children and moved to Cape Town more than 20 years ago in search of her dreams to conquer the business world. Like many people before her she spent many years working for various NGO’s doing fundraising and New Business Growth Management, until she finally stumbled upon her passion. 

She founded Brukman Consulting over six years ago, as a way for her to follow her passion and until his passing, after a short illness, her husband Hilton supported her business 100%. He would diligently drive with her to late night events and find himself a quiet corner to sit in while he waited on her to conclude her business. He never doubted her ability to grow this business into the mini empire it is. Sadly today she is a single parent, with two young girls aged 16 and 10, they are her life and the biggest fans and supporters of her business.

The focus of the business shifted over four years ago, when she met five very special young boys, now young men, they go by the name of Signature SA. They were her introduction and first challenge into the cut throat world of the music industry. She walked this journey with them, learning the ropes of what is acceptable and what is not. Whom to trust and who not too. What resources you need and what resources you absolutely cannot do without.  Since then she has achieved more than anyone could have ever imagined. 

Brukman Consulting is now the trusted name and brand referred to by many. They have worked with the best of the best when it comes to artist in Cape Town. Brukman Consulting services include the following: Artists Management; Brand Management, Booking Agent and Creators of Music Events. 
Clients consist of the following and much more Robin Pieters, Salome D Johansen, SignatureSA, Nur Abrahams, Carl Webber, Don Vino Prins, Tye Platinum, Kim Cloete, Loukmaan Adams , Jill Liebenberg and the PJ Twins.

These and other artist use various aspects of the Brukman Consultancy’s Services on offer. Brukman Consultancy does not work in isolation, as Bridgette has positioned herself in such a way that she has forged working relationship with various Organisations, Businesses and Corporates to help her advance her business in the best interest of her clients. Her business motto being “Where Relationships are key”. 

She has been true to her brand and successfully Forged Business Relationships and regular collaborations with entities such as ‘Die Son Koerant’, Heart FM, The Grill Father, Cape Music Institute, The Baxter Theatre, The Roxy Review Bar, Grandwest Arena,The Voice, Artscape, Eastern Acoustic, ESL Audiovisual Solutions and many others.

Bridgette Brukman has proven that she will not be held back, that no obstacle, person or challenge will stand in her way of achieving her goals. She is prepared to take on every and any challenge. She is a formidable woman who juggles running her home and business with expert fineness. She demands excellence in everything she does and expects the same from those she works with. 

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