Madiba Magic - Don't Forget to do your bit!!

By Lynne Hendricks · Jul 12, 2020
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Lockdown has impacted the lives of every Soul African and while many people were afforded the opportunity to work from home, many others  are finding themselves unemployed, as businesses  big and small were forced to close their doors permanently. 

This has directly affected our already stretched economy. The people of South Africa are going hungry and as is tradition, the month of July is dedicated to Nelson Mandela, his birthday month. This is a time when all South Africans join together and do their bit by donating 67 minutes of their time to help those less fortunate, or donating food or money to organisations caring for others.

Rise Against Hunger is one such organisation, they have been fighting hunger in South Africa for many years, feeding thousands of South Africans daily. They provide a nutritious dry meal, that feeds up to six mouths with just one pack. This past Saturday Brukman Consulting and Oceana Foundation joined forces with Rise Against Hunger to pack 10 000 meals for the community supported by Inspire Network, who run 50 soup kitchens. Volutneers arrived and in the space of two hours they packed 10 000 meals. 

To get involved and do your bit connect with Rise Agains Hunger via their website




Do your Bit. 

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