Looking to the Future.

By Lynne Hendricks
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The world as we’ve known it, has changed drastically and none of us were in any way prepared for it. We went from being able to move around freely, seeing our family and friends whenever we felt like a visit, and running into the shop to quickly get something, to not being able to do any of that.  Today we need a permit to be out and about, and only essential workers, with permits are permitted to go to work. The rest of us who can do so have to work from home. Many Businesses were forced to close their doors, and for most the doors will remain shut indefinitely.

The Businesses most hardest hit are those small to medium businesses and these include the music, the hospitality, and the tourism industries.  For them the world came to a complete stand still even before the lockdown was set in place. This means that all tourism and entertainment came to an end weeks before the lockdown, as a ban was placed on all concerts, flights and tourist activities. The music industry particularly felt it, as the artist could no longer perform or travel to perform in other locations and as we all know, for any artist no work, means no pay.

One small Business owner, Bridgette Brukman from Brukman Consulting, was not immune to this ban and she had to face this sad reality. Not being able to book gigs for any of her artists meant that the Business had no sustainable income, which in turn meant that the Business was not able to retain its staff or pay salaries. Hard choices had to be made and the way forward had to be thoughtfully reconsidered and as result the Business was temporarily shut down.

LHMedia and Brukman Consulting's journey involved many achievements and joyful moments and the thought of Brukman Consulting possibly needing to shut it's doors forever, was a sad reality that was looming.  The music industry would not be same, should Brukman Consulting  decide to shut it's doors. Bridgette had to reassess her services, and being an innovative Business woman she managed to do just that, think outside the box and reinvent herself. 

She changed the way she will be doing business in the future and today, 1 June 2020, marks the start of a new era for Brukman Consulting. The country has been on Lockdown since 27 March 2020 and Brukman Consulting has been dormant, with no income, since mid March and today, as we move into Lockdown level three, Bridgette steps into the light to launches her new brand, her new Business Philosophy.

For the industry to survive, music needs to be done differently. It’s not something that can just be left to die. We may be moving to level three and many restriction may fall away, but the old way of doing things has fallen with many other things.“Music feeds the soul”, and we know very well that the entire world needs a little pick me up, after the turmoil we have been dealing with, so lets keep the arts alive.

Lets all stand together and help celebrate the new Brukman Consulting, as it spreads its wings and brings the joy of music, back into our lives and into our homes. This is to be our new way of life going forward, our new reality. The future has never been more brighter with possibilities, and Brukman Consulting is reaping them all. 

Bridgette will not let Covid-19 bring her down...

Think Online, Think Virtual, Think Brukman Consulting.

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