Lockdown Live: Youth Day Voice Search

By Lynne Hendricks · Jun 17, 2020
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Youth Day June 16 2020, a day that commemorates the fallen Youth of South African, during the Apartheid era, is the day that the life of a modern day 15 year old South African Youth changed. 

She had seen an advertisement on Social Media, advertising a voice search. Having a deep passion for singing, she took the chance and entered the competition. She was one of hundreds of like minded youth, who sent in their thirty second clips, to stand the chance of being noticed by the judges. 

After much deliberation, the judges chose the top five finalist and she was one of the chosen. Anastasia Pharo had impressed the judges with her young voice and they felt that she would use any advice given to grow and mould herself to deliver stellar performances. 

She also shocked them by revealing that she had only once before performed on stage, in front of an audience. She had kept her singing for the bathroom and jokingly revealed how her mother would silence her each time she would start singing. 

The five finalists were put through the paces and received coaching in both voice and stage presence. The competition finally drew to a close, as the finalists took to the stage, for the final battle, to win the Lockdown Live Youth Day Voice Search, on Tuesday June 16.

As the judges had expected Anastasia did not disappoint them. She had clearly used the coaching and advise given to her. Her growth was evident in her performance and as a result she was chosen as the overall winner of the Lockdown Live Youth Day Voice Search 2020. 

A young 15 year old who hails from Eerstriver, who honed her singing skills by singing to herself in the bathroom, had outwitted hundreds of participants to win not only the hearts of the judges, but also the Youth Day Voice Search. Anastasia walked away many prises, including the opportunity to perform on stage with Robin Pieters, at "It's a Love Thing Five", in February 2021.   

Congratulations Anastacia Pharo. We wish you all the best for the future. Fly high and use the opportunities that have been gifted for you. Cape Town is rooting for you. 

Lockdown Live is hosted by Robin Pieters, Brukman Consulting and Penny Lane Studios  and they could not do so without your support or that of their donors. 

To view the Lockdown Live videos log onto YouTube and search for Lockdown Live: Robin Pieters. For more information email: [email protected] 


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