By Lynne Hendricks · Jun 28, 2020

Trying to keep ahead of the world wide Covid-19 pandemic, has forced many, including artist and NGO's to think out of the box. Lockdown Live has been one of many online platforms that have helped curb the  lockdown boredom. 

The Cancer Association Of South Africa Cape Metro (CANSA), needing funds had the same idea. They run a number of group homes for patients undergoing treatment. These homes provide a safe space that cancer patients can call home, when they need to travel from their hometowns to attend cancer treatment centres in the big cities. 

CANSA Cape Metro approached Brukman Consulting to help them put together a Lockdown Live show, now we know that each and everyone of us have in some way been affected by Cancer and with this new Codiv-19 pandemic most people with predisposed illness, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and particularly cancer are at high risk when exposed to Covid and as a result NGO's like CANSA cannot conduct their normal  public fund-raising event.

Cancer wanted to highlight it's services and do so in a safe way, while adhering to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, while at the same time raising much needed funds. 

On Saturday 27 June CANSA, together with Brukman Consulting and PennyLane Studio launched a three hour long free Lockdown Live CANSATHON. They had five local artist, who took to the stage, providing heartfelt entertainment.

The artists were all well know Cape Town artists and included, Claire Philips, Nur Abrahams, Robin Pieter, Don Vino Prins and Salome Damon Johansen, with Aden Thomas as the MC. Together they wowed the audience and got them to participate and pledge, while a CANSA Representative, Fadwa Walker kept everyone updated with the numbers and pledges as they came in.

It can be said, that the night was a huge success, as people were educated around the services on offer by CANSA. The viewers pledged their support by logging in to view the show, as well as making their financial contributions, while at same being able to publicly pay tribute to those family members who have won the battle, as well as those who have lost their battles. 

To leant more about CANSA and the services they have to offer, visit their Website: https://cansa.org.za/contact-us/


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