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By Lynne Hendricks · Jun 4, 2020
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Keeping one step ahead of Covid-19, that’s what Jason Hendricks is doing. Jason is a fitness instructor, who hails from Mitchell’s. He was a student at NorthLink College, completing his studies, as a sports fitness trainer, when he was employed on a part-time basis at Zone Fitness, October 2015. Part of his job description was to educate new club members on how to safely use the gym equipment to maximise their workout, as well as to help prevent any injuries.

On completion of his training he signed a full-time contract with Zone Fitness. He was doing what he loved, but this wasn’t enough to feed his need for keeping a fit, healthy and active lifestyle. Jason started running Bootcamps in his community. The first event happened in February 2019, at Muizenberg Beach, this was followed by a few more at the Mitchell’s Plain Gardens.

Finally, he was able to do what he loved and structure it in a way that suited him, the second Bootcamp held on Muizenberg Beach, was the spark that set him off and showed him the way forward, as nearly three hundred people attended this particular training session. This overwhelming response inspired him to branch out and start his own Business, using the Bootcamps concept.

Jason believes in engaging with and giving his trainees one on one support, and these Bootcamps provided him with the perfect opportunity and motivation to live his dream. He now runs his own Fitness Business, geared for the whole family. His Business is appropriately called JH Fitness For All.

Lockdown however has forced Jason to think outside of the box, as he is no longer able to run his Beach Bootcamps. Luckily JH Fitness is a new, young, hip and growing Business and Jason now brings fitness directly to you, in the comfort of your own home. How, you may ask, we are in Lockdown after all? Well, Jason hasn’t let that phase him and he won’t let his clients down. He took up the Lockdown challenge and set up a social distancing zoom training programme, making it easy for existing and new clients to remain active during lockdown.

Jason offers individual or family sessions. You can book daily, weekly or monthly sessions for the whole family.

His Motto for JH Fitness being: “Let’s Witness the Fitness”

For more information please contact Jason:
WhatsApp: +2764 464 7 526
Email:   [email protected]   


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