Life Coaching is it For me?

By Lynne Hendricks · Apr 13, 2023
Life Coaching is it For me? picture

Am I stuck in a rut? 

Is it time for Change? 

What tools are within my reach to help me bring about change? 

Have you asked yourself these burning questions?

We all have ambitions and dreams and the world we are living in today, it's survival of the fittest. Having a vision or a dream is not all it takes to succeed in life anymore. You need to be brave enough to act on your ambitions and dreams. You need to brave enough to stand out and be seen. You need to be brave enough to take the chance and take that risk

While this may come easy to some, other may require a little a push in the right direction. So what do I do to help me reach that goal? Life Coaching, we have all heard this term, but have we really given it any thought. Have we truly examined what it is, and what it can or cant do for us.

Let's look at the Definition of a Life Coach. A Life Coach is someone who helps you improve your life, by motivating you to do challenging or worthwhile things to improve your life. 

What Life Coaching is not: Life Coaching is not Therapy; It does not focus on your past, It is not about you being managed, or about judging you or your past, Life Coaching is not about giving you advice or telling you to do to and Life Coaching is not about shaming you. So what is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is: It’s a Mentoring process to Motivate you to achieve your goals. It’s about analysing your Lifestyle to enhance your Growth process and Inspire you. Life Coaching is about creating your own Strategy and Success for Change, through the Help and Advice given to you by your Life Coach, to reach your end Goal.  

So the question remains. Is Life Coaching the Motivating tool you require, to help you Succeed and achieve your end Goal

Do you want to get out of that rut? 

Do you want Change? 

Do you want to succeed?

If Your answer is yes, Then Life Coaching is the tool for you? 

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