LEVEL 4 Lockdown 2020: What does it mean?

By Lynne Hendricks
LEVEL 4 Lockdown 2020: What does it mean? picture

Fellow South African's, we have spent the past four weeks in Lockdown and while our fight against Covid-19 is only five weeks old, our infection rate has been slowly increasing.  This is due to the fact that most of us chose to abide by the lockdown rules and we stayed at home. However many others chose not do so and placed themselves at great risk.

Many stayed at home and worked remotely. Helping to keep the economy healthy and providing services to clients, while at the same time staying safe and ensuring that our number of infections remained lower than what was initially anticipated. Remember each step we take has a ripple effect and because many of us stayed at home, our President took a decision to lift some of the restrictions, from this coming Friday. 

This however does not mean that we are out of the woods. We still need to continue being safe, staying at home, sanitising our hands, wearing our masks and practicing social distancing. 

The risk of being infected is still great. We need to remember that, the risk is still real, and being neglectful and careless will result in the number of infections increasing further or even exploding. 

Let's not be careless. Let's not become a Covid-19 statistic. 

Let's be safe. Let's abide to the Level 4 Lockdown Regulations. 

Let's beat Covid-19 together. 




Celebrate Responsibly 


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