Let the caged bird sing

By Lynne Hendricks · Nov 16, 2020
Let the caged bird sing picture

For many of us, the dream of performing on stage is nothing but a dream and for many who are able to sing the journey starts with being a backing vocal or BV as it's called.  Breaking that cycle is not an easy task, yet some manage to do exactly that. They break the cycle and unleash their skills and talents, allowing the caged bird within the freedom to break free and perform for itself.

On Saturday Night we got to experience just that, as Zeldene McDonald broke free and raised her voice. The singer put together a show tittle 'Black is Beautiful' and shared the stage with a few artist such as Envic Booysen, a young man from Grabouw, Seve_Musickid a young singer, song writer, and ‘Hause of Forbes' a group that hails from Atlantis, with a clear message to be true to yourself.

Zeldene promised to deliver and that she did. Not only could her voice be heard, but it could also be felt, as she showed off her vocal range. She sang much loved songs, but also sang a song composed by herself. A song tittle 'Meisie met die 7 letter naam' The song was well received by the live audience, as those words resinated with each person on a personal level.

This caged bird has spread her wings and forged the long awaited path for many great things yet to come. As Zeldene stated ‘Black is Beautiful’ is not about colour, but rather about how you view and value yourself.

Let us all learn from her, and value and appreciate ourselves, while we strive to reach our limits. The show was hosted at Utopia and set the perfect stage for this 'Caged Bird to spread her wings and Sing...'

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