Last Night

By Lynne Hendricks

Last night…
Last night I became a Bride.
With a heavy heart I wiped the tears from my mother’s eyes,
As she helped me dress for the occasion.
Wearing my Bridal wear, I comforted my grieving mother.

Last night I became a Wife.
My mother in-law very impatiently showed me how my new husband loved his meals prepared.
She showed me how to iron and keep house for my new husband.

Last night I became a Woman.
My new husband dragged me to our wedding bed.
He pushed me onto the bed and told to lie still, as he got on top of me.
He grunted and groaned as he had his way with me,
While he covered my mouth to smother my screams and hold me down.

Last night I became a Bride, a Wife and a Woman.
Now I stare at my reflection in the mirror,
At my frail and bruised body.
I am a Bride, a Wife, a Woman and I am only 13 years old. 

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