It's A Love Thing Vol 4 Duets - 2020

By Lynne Hendricks
It's A Love Thing Vol 4 Duets - 2020 picture

He has done it again!!! On 14 February 2020, Robin Pieters, with Brukman Consulting hosted the fourth annual, It's a Love Thing special and like previous years Robin and all the artist he invited to join him onstage, performed to a sold out arena. 

This man just has the recipe to succeed.

His duets stunned the audience. It had them, laughing, dancing and crying at the same time. Duets add a different flavour to any show and require a specific skill set, something that Robin managed to pull off. He even managed to sing a duet with non other than Youngster CPT, bringing an entire new generation of music enthusiasts to Grand Arena. 

The show definitely was entertaining from start to finish, with a dramatic entrance as only Robin can pull off, but the drama did not end there. The Heart FM #Baecation winners were called to the stage to help them conclude the end of their two day Valentines treat.

To everyone's surprise Desiree took up the leap year challenge and went down on one knee to propose to the love of her life, Nigel. Nigel added to the drama by delaying his response, only to reciprocate  her proposal, with a proposal of his own. A well planned double surprise with Heart FM and American Swiss, as each one of them a little box hidden on their person. The audience loved this and help the couple make their night magical. 

Each year Robin sets the bar and leaves his audience and followers wondering what next year will bring.... 



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