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By Lynne Hendricks · Feb 28, 2022
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What better way to end the month of Love, than with Robin Pieters and a It's a Love Thing instalment.  It's a Love Thing is a concept that we have become familiar with, and Robin Pieters is yet to disappoint us with a show. 

Robin and Brukman Consulting have been bringing us It's a Love Thing since 2017. What is it? For those who are not familiar with It's A Love Thing, is a celebration of Love, during the month of February. It's a show that grew from a three night show at The Baxter, to many sold out shows at The Grand Arena, Grand West. 

The last Grand Arena show took place weeks before the world changed in 2022, and we were all forced into lockdown. This did not deter Robin from  from bringing us It's A Love Thing Vol 5 in 2021. This show was hosted online, as Robin could only have a live audience of 50 fans present, while thousands could enjoy the show in the privacy of their own homes. 

Although successful the event was not the same, there was no 'geese', no adrenalin rush, each time he took to the stage. Robin could feel the tensions of his fans. They wanted to see him live. They wanted to be able to laugh and engage with him, and as the restrictions of 2021 slowly started lifting Robin decided to make It's A Love Thing bigger and better, while still keeping it Covid friendly and safe. 

True to his nature he dreamt up a Theme and a Concept and It's A Love Thing Vol 6, The Festival was born. 

Brukman Consulting sprang into action and helped Robin bring his concept to life.  After months of planing and searching for the perfect venue, the perfect artists.  Robin finally got to host, It's A Love Thing Vol 6 The Festival, live to two thousand of his adoring fans.

Saturday February 26, The vendors arrived, The sound engineers arrived and BV's followed Robin and slowly  The Quarry started filling up.

 It's A Love Thing Vol 6, The Festival  came together, as the two thousand fans ascended on the venue. The drinks were flowing, the vendors sold out, the crowd went wild, as artist after artist took to the stage and entertained the festive deprived crowd.

Hillcrest Quarry will surely never be the same again. 

The people came. They sang. They danced. They ate and Robin felt the love that only It's a Love Thing can harvest. 

I wonder what It's a love Thing Vol 7 will bring..... 

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