It's A Love Thing Vol 5 "Bridgerton"

By Lynne Hendricks · Feb 16, 2021
It's A Love Thing Vol 5 "Bridgerton" picture

It's A Love Thing, the gift that truly keeps on giving, recently celebrated its fifth year, and like all other years it did not disappoint. The concept birthed by a young man from the Cape Flats, Robin Pieters. It's a Love Thing has become synonymous with his followers. Each year being bigger and better than the previous. Vol 1, was hosted in 2017 brought an all female flurry of  artists. The first taste got every one hooked and Robin was soon being hounded about  what the second instalment would bring.  

Not wanting to disappoint his followers Robin opted to please is followers and It's A Love Things  Vol moved to the Grand Arena, Grand West. Robin made sure to invite both local and international performing artist to entertain the sold out Arena. Year Three sold again and Robin spiced up his own arrival at the the Arena.

Challenges came and went, but persevere he did and in 2020 It's a Love Thing Vol 4 happened once again. This time with more drama, more intrigue and a surprise,  marriage proposal, that brought the show to a halt. The Audience went wild and they all certainly felt the love.

The biggest challenge however was yet to come. The entire world had spend the last 11 months in lockdown, as the world was hit by a real live, life threatening pandemic. Events and travel for many came to a complete halt. The tourism and entertainment industries being hit the hardest, as all artist could no longer perform and earn money to provide for their families. Artists were seen selling their musical instruments a means to put food on the table. 

Robin feared that he would not be able to deliver It's A Love Thing  Vol 5. Lockdown had forced him to think out of the box and he create online shows. Each online show he hosted brought about its own set of challenges, but his following grew., as people stuck at were as hungry to be entertained as the artists were to perform.

It's A Love Thing Vol 5 had the most challenges. Lockdown regulations were slowly being lifted and people were slowly emerging from being in complete isolation for almost year. The artist were still eager and hungry to perform, alas they had no venue, they had no audience, as people could only buy online tickets.  A few days before the president lifted some restriction and Robin could invite fifty audience members to create an audience. Two days before the show he managed too secured a venue.

It' A Love Thing Vol 5 was happening. The venue was small; the crowd was small; The performances however was not small, as the performers took to the stage and delivered a performance that could have blown the roof of the building.  It was a true trip down memory lane with old and new favourites being sung. The vocal range of each performance delivered with perfection. 

No obstacle, not lockdown, not even a spot of rain could dampen the spirits of the performers the the audience of fifty. It's A Love Thing Survived another year. Brukman Consulting and Robin Pieters have once again delivered on what they promised. 

We can only but dream what next year will bring.... 

It's A Love Vol 6, we are waiting....

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