It's A Love Thing Vol 2 2018

By Lynne Hendricks
It's A Love Thing Vol 2    2018 picture

Valentine’s… A day for love and what better way to spend that day. Supporting local artist while sharing the love. ‘It’s A Love Thing Volume 2’… What a phenomenal night filled with entertainment from start to end. Robin Pieters a boy from the ‘flats’ as he refers to himself, a boy with big dreams, took people back to his first installment of ‘It’s A Love Thing’ and multiplied it by a million. Not only did Robin bring it on, but he also made history, as he became the youngest artist ever to sell out the Grand  Arena at Grand West.

He performed to a full house. 

Sharing the Stage with him wasn’t just one, but five equality gifted, power house Diva’s, who needs no introduction and their stage presence says it all. Starting with his mentor and coach, from The Voice South Africa Season 1. None other than multi-platinum selling artist LIRA. Robin didn’t stop there but brought Idols SA and The Voice AS together onto one stage, when his long-time friend and Idols winner Karin Kortjie joined him on stage, as well as fellow Idols contestant Elwira Standili who also shared the stage with Robin at his first ‘It’s A Love Thing’ performance. 

Included this year was the latest Idols winner Paxton Fielies. The last Diva to grace the stage was none other than Belinda Davis, the worlds new Whitley Houston, together they entertained and brought the house to their feet.

Supporting Robin on stage, as fellow male artists were the one and only ‘Saxy Vibes’ Don Vino Prins and another Idols contestant Terra Cox. Robin has set a new trend with his ‘It’s A Love Thing Volume 2’. The performance sported class and professionalism, as every single artist was dressed for success and delivered a performance of excellent proportion and standards. 

Great things are to come and we as followers and supporters of Robin Pieters need to watch him closely. This trendsetter is going places. He inspires, yet remains humble and true to his craft and mission.

Robin also seized the opportunity to launch his new single ‘FOOL’. CD’s were sold at the event, but those who missed out can still purchase it via Google Play Music or ITunes.

South Africa we’ve got talent and without our support these artist’s cannot achieve their dreams. Support… Support… Support…

I can’t wait to see what ‘It’s A Love Thing Volume 3’ has to offer…. 

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