I am Covid

By Lynne Hendricks · Jan 9, 2021
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Hello Humans,

I am COVID, better known as COVID-19 or Corona. My origin known to you. I slyly invaded your lives and turned it upside down or downside up, I really don't care how you perceive it and I infect anyone I choose. 

I have not preferences

Yes, I fooled you all right in the start and avoided your precious children. The intent was to fool you all and that I did. I silently watched as you hid behind your masks and high walls, while I quietly mutated and developed a new, unpredictable strain to cause you more headaches and baffle your front line workers to exhaustion.

I am unpredictable.

For years you Humans regarded yourselves as the dominant species. You ruled the earth and made bold  choice, yet, I a mere virus brought you all to you knees. Held you all hostage in your own homes. Shut down your schools and economy.

I am ruthless.

I grow stronger by the day and lay claim to any and all I deem fair game. Well, its become clear that I don't need to your help, as there are many walking amongst you who see themselves to be invincible or untouchable. 

I am patient.

All they are doing is playing right into my hands. In fact they are affording me the opportunity to strengthen my hold on you, while I infect and claim as many of you a I wish. Life has no value to me.

I am eager.

I love the fact the most intelligent species on earth can be fooled by a mere virus. All other species know to run from danger, not the human race. No you tend to run towards me. You hold parties.... Get together with friends. You are in fact the weakest of all species. You value being seen at events,  at the shops, at shows over that of your own personal safety.

I love this.

Please continue being ignorant. Please continue thinking that you are invincible. Continue living your lives in oblivion. 

I thrive on it

Your's Truly

The one and only COVID-19

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