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By lynne Hendricks · Sep 18, 2020
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Home is where to heart is and we all take pride in our homes. Many of us tend to be hands on when we first move into our new homes, however as time moves on, our lives become too busy with work and family, we tend to neglect the one thing we cherished when we first bought it. 

What to do next? We cannot allow the place we call home to fall into complete ruin and we just don’t have the time to give it the love and attention it requires.

Well we need not fear, there’s always a pair of helping hands nearby. Helping hands that has the time, ability, the caring nature and the love for fixing and tending to things. One such person is Timothy Gorah, a kind natured father of two, who is all hands on deck.

He goes by Gorah and he will gladly take your home into his hands and with your instruction and resources he will restore your home and garden for you. Gorah is known by many, as he has silently been working and helping them restore their homes by painting, filling holes in walls and tending to their gardens restoring them to beautiful spaces from over grown little jungles.

His business is called ‘Gorah’s Helping Hands’ and he comes highly recommended. He regards himself as a Jack of all trades and he will take the time to learn a new skill to be able to help you solve your problems. 

His services include but is not limited to: Painting, Stripping, Weeding, Mowing, Planting, Trimming, Fixing and Decluttering your home and garden.

He is an innovative creative. In his own words. “I will find a solution for any problem, even learn a new skill or two if needed.”

Do not Hesitate contact Gorah via email, WhatsApp or his FaceBook page, to request his services.

References available if required.

You can contact him Via:

FaceBook @Gorahs Helping Hand

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +2767 723 6949

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