By Lynne Hendricks · Aug 15, 2022
FREE TO BE ME... picture

Breaking News!!! 

LHMedia Hosted its first event. 

Free To Be Me

Dress to Express

On Sunday, August 14 2022, we hosted our First All Ladies Event. We partnered with Havana Nights, Plumstead to provide our ladies with a space where they could just be themselves.  The Event Free to Be Me welcomed each lady with a drink on arrival and arranged some spoils, as we invited a few vendors to come along and share their traits. 

These indulgences included a selection of adult toys provided by Allure Sensuality Emporium and Tattoo's by Kings & Queens Ink Lounge and Salon. The Ladies were free to choose and free to be who they truly are. They could browse and purchase a toy or get a tattoo or two.

The ladies did not disappoint, as they  stuck to the event brief and came Dressed To Express. Each and everyone beaming with radiance, ready to have fun.

The fun did not stop there, thought,  as we also enjoyed the vocal skills of Ms Vuvu Kumalo, while Cool J Productions provided some goods sounds to allow those who wanted to dance with the music they needed. 

This is but the start...

The next event planning will start soon, so watch the socials and be sure to not miss out again.

To those who attended on Sunday, we hope to you see you at the next event.... 




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