Free To Be Me 3. Special Edition

By Lynne Hendricks · May 28, 2023
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Free To Be Me has become LHMedia's signature event and we are proud to use this platform to officially bid farewell to Brukman Consulting as Bridgette Brukman retires.  

FREE TO BE ME 3, SPECIAL EDITION: Bidding Farewell to an Ambassador to the Arts.  
Bridgette Brukman my best friend silently entered the music industry in 2014 and took the industry by storm. She overcame all the obstacles she encountered, birthed and nurtured Brukman Consulting. Becoming the voice, mentor and opportunity for many artists who wanted to enter the music industry.

As silently as she entered, she exited the scene in December 2022, leaving a gaping void and many sad artist behind. Fans, follower and artist did not have an opportunity to bid her an official Farewell.

LHMedia having been a follower and a trusty supporter of Bridgette, the woman behind Brukman Consulting, would like to give her fans, followers and artist the opportunity to bid her fun filled public farewell. She has gracefully accepted this and only ask that we do something in return for her Charity of Choice.  “Mammas Pay it forward.” A charity dealing with childhood cancer, in honour of her husband who lost his cancer battle.  They have a wish list and if you are anyway able to assist please contact us and let us know how you are able to help

Wish list contains: x2 laptops, food vouchers,  a vehicle, office storage, basic toiletry and hygiene products, sound equipment. 

Bridgette can be described as the ideal catalyst for Free To Be Me. A woman who was and is not afraid to take on a challenge. A woman who is comfortable enough to stand up for what she believes and make a difference in the world she lives in. She may have left a void with her absence, but she has shown us what a woman can do if she puts her mind to it.

So join the next Free To Be Me 3, Special Edition, as we celebrate an icon.

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