Free To Be Me

By Lynne Hendricks · Dec 3, 2022
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What is Free To Be Me all about?

Free To Be Me is about woman taking back their power. For too many years we have allowed others decide WHO we are; WHAT we are to become; WHAT we should wear; WHERE we can go and WHAT we are allowed to do; HOW we should do it or act. 

We are taking a stand. We are saying NO MORE. We are reclaiming our lives, Our power and Our Free Will. 

‘I imagine a world where I can be woman,

A woman who is free to be me,

Free to love,

Free to grow,

Free to live.

I imagine a world where I can be woman,

A woman who can dress to express,

Dress without judgments,

Dress without fear,

Dress to be free.’

FebruaryThe month of Love. What better to dote all your love and attention on, than yourself. Join LHMedia in doing so by celebrating Free To Be Me - Self Love. Spoil your self and prove that you are worthy. Chose to be your own Valentine and chose your own Valentines gift at Free To Be Me!!! 

May - The Month we celebrate our mothers. We are all mothers... We are all worthy of being celebrated and of celebrating ourselves. Why not chose how you wish to celebrate your mother’s Day and chose your own gift at Me To Me!!!

August - Is Women’s Month. Celebrate who you are as a woman. You are someone who is worthy. Someone who is special. Someone who has a voice. Let your choices reflect who you are! Make the bold statement you’ve always wanted to make with Free To Be Me!!

November - The start of 16 days against Gender Based Violence. Make your voice Heard. Protect yourself, Protect your mother, Protect your girl child. Take a stand against Gender Based Violence. Make a statement at Free To Be Me!!! 

What other reason do you possibly need to join in the fun at Free To Be Me 

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