Following in his Grandfather's Footsteps

By Lynne Hendricks
Following in his Grandfather's Footsteps picture

Growing up all children idolise an adult within their immediate support circle and for most children it’s either a parent, teacher, sibling, aunt, uncle or grandparent. They will mimic, dress, speak and take on the habits of their idol. The same can be said for Muneeb Maarman, as he enjoyed tagging along, when his Grandfather committed himself to providing safe transport to his community.                    

Years after his Grandfathers passing, these memories are what keeps him going. His grandfather not only taught him his business values, but he also encouraged Muneeb to take the risk and start his own business.

Muneeb Maarman is married and a father to three children, the youngest of whom is but a few days old. Maarman Transport provides more that just a job to him, it’s his means of supporting his family and he established his Business Maarman Transport in September 2017 and strives for excellence when delivering a service.  

Muneeb has experience in the tourism industry and Maarman Transport offers a range of services. Should you ever find yourself in need of any form of transport, please do not hesitate to contact Muneeb. The Maarman Transport Services include: Airport Transfers, Staff Transport, Scholar Transport, Long distance trips and Contract Driving.

Maarman Transport also offers professional transport and chauffeur service. They pride themselves on rendering safe and reliable transport. Using his background in Tourism Muneeb also offers and successfully runs tours for both international and local tourist. His staff are very patient and careful, they believe in being reliable, friendly and timeous when driving clients.

Please feel free to contact Muneeb at Maarman Transport for any further queries you may have about acquiring Maarman Transport Services.


Muneeb Maarman:
WhatsApp: +2762 380 76 47
Email: [email protected] 

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