Dreams do come true.

By Lynne Hendricks
Dreams do come true. picture

Dreams do come true for some and for many of us being a famous singer remains a vivid memory, as we recall those moments standing in front of the mirror, signing to our hearts content, using non other than a hair brush as a microphone. Sadly for many of us thats where that particular dream ends, as we realise that the art of singing is not an intricate part of our futures. One such young person’s dream did not end there. In fact it can be implied, that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Who is she and what makes her so special? Her name is Zeldene McDonald, and she has worked with the best of the best in the music industry and one thing has become imminently clear. She is not your average singer. She has a very distinct sound and her vocal skills will stop you in your tracks.

Like most artists, her music career progressed from signing in front of the mirror to singing in the church and finally to the stage. As her love for performing grew, so did her career, even affording her the opportunity to host her very own show in 2015, but like most women out there, her heart wanted more. A few years ago she decided to step out of the spotlight and take a break to start a family.

Today she is a mother, to an energetic, nearly two year old boy, who keeps her on her toes. She is a devoted mother, who is committed to giving her son the best life possible, but she is now ready to step back into the spotlight and claim her rightful place on the stage.

She has performed on many stages and many of us would have, at some point had the opportunity to experience her talents. She has provided support and backing vocals too many artists including Karin Kortjie, Robin Pieters, Salome Damon and many others, and she still does so today. The only difference now is, that she is ready to step out from behind the shadows and come into her own as an artist. 

Zeldene is more than just a singer and her CV speaks for itself. She had the privilege to study and work at the Cape Music Institute (CMI), with Camillo Lombard and others. CMI is a music school that teaches various skills need to be successful in the music industry and include the following streams of education, vocal training and sound engineering.

Zeldene’s skills go beyond these and they include being a vocal coach, a musical director, a back up singer, a stage management and being a phenomenal vocal artist in her own right. 

These are much needed skills in the music industry and she is fortunate enough to posses them all. She has an excellent ear for identifying a new talent and the ability to nurture it, to ensure that the artist delivers their best performance.

Should you find yourself in need of any of these services, including booking her for your gigs, do not hesitate to contact her.

Email: [email protected]

Cell: +2763 946 6763

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