Do What You Love

By Lynne Hendricks
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Life is a challenge and we often find ourselves in situations that are not favourable to our being. We hate the path that life has created for us and we are desperate for a new path or an exit. 

We hate the tasks or work expectation that are placed upon us. The rat race continues and we feel trapped in jobs we often hate and performing tasks that provides us with no pleasure. In the end our lives are filled with things we hate and we see no end to this continuous cycle.

Taking that risk and challenging ourselves to do what we love scares us even more. We hesitate and justify why we need to continue doing what we hate. However once you choose to take that risk and open yourself up to new opportunities, to do what you love, you find yourself much more productive and eager to work. 

Your creativity and outward thinking gets sparked. You want to do more, grow more, learn more and develop your skills.

Once you do what you love, you find yourself loving what you do every day. So why aren’t we taking more risks. 

Risks taken with caution, risks taken in small doses, can have only one outcome.

Come on do the right thing.

Take That Risk.

Do what you love and you will always love what you do… 

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