COVID- 19. DAY 9

By Lynne Hendricks
COVID- 19. DAY 9 picture

We are on day 9 of our National Lockdown and many Business are suffering, as owners are forced to close their doors, as result of no business, which leads to no income, which results in the inability to pay staff or suppliers. See the ripple effect.

Let's not allow other Small Business to become a statistic, support your local Small Businesses. Show some love for your fellow Small Business owner. Enquire about Small Business Services and work on potential collaborations, post the Lockdown.

Keep your Business online profile active, to let people know that you are still around. Use this time to rebrand and relaunch your Business, with a new look, new feel, new services, new partners...

This is not the end... It's the start of a new dawn, a new way of doing Business and a new way of working together. 

After Corona: A fresh new start for us all.



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