Courageous Women Unite

By Lynne Hendricks

Courageous Women Unite

Without question or fear our mother’s, grandmothers and great grandmothers took a stand against Oppressive Masters, Oppressive Governments and an Oppressive World.

They bravely fought for our freedom. Protecting us from enduring the same fears they lived with. The fear of being beaten, the fear of being used, and the fear of being enslaved. They did so, so that we are able to walk freely, to live freely and to work freely.

Courageous Women Unite, August 9th is Women’s day and we as Women still live in fear. Only this is a new kind of fear. We fear being beaten. We fear being raped. We fear being killed. We fear because our oppressive abusers are mostly familiar to us.

Courageous Women Unite, in a Democratic 2016 we are once again enslaved. Enslaved by a new kind of evil, a new kind of fear. We Fear for our lives. We Fear for our freedom. We Fear for our future.  

Courageous Women Unite. Let us Reclaim our homes. Let us Reclaim our communities. Let us Reclaim our cities. Let us Reclaim our county. Let us Reclaim our lives.

Courageous Women Unite!!!!

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