Brukman Consulting - The End

By Lynne Hendricks · Dec 20, 2022
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Brukman Consulting a name that's become known too many. 

Bridgette Brukman the founder and owner of Brukman Consulting became to friend too many and a threat to others, when she started working in the Arts. She broke all the rules and proved those who doubted her wrong, as she successfully hosted event after event. 

Hers was not an easy journey. She had to prove herself and earn the trust of those who came before her and shortly after she started Brukman Consulting, she had to bid farewell to her number one fan, as her Husband and partner lost a short battle against Cancer.  She suddenly found herself a single mother with two growing children and a rapidly growing Business

She survived this. Her Business survived this

Then Covid hit and the Arts came to a stand still.  She once again beat the odds and found a way to keep her artists working and earning. Sparse as the income was, her artists were able to provide for themselves. Once the Covid restrictions were lifted she and her artist hit the industry hard to retain and entertain their followers. 

She survived this. Her Business survived this.  

Last night, after eight years in the industry Bridgette Brukman announced her retirement. She is gracefully bowing out and devoting her time to her children. She was starting to feel the demand of the industry, impacting on her family. She has limited time for her girls and she wants to spend more time with them. 

The industry is richer for having had her embrace this challenge. She has had an impact on the lives of many young artists. She supported them, groomed them and helped the find their place in this tough, cut throat industry.  

She supported the Arts and the Artist. She showed her girls and other girls that no challenge is too big.  

She will be missed in this industry and, as we bid her Farewell, we want to take a moment to thank her for her contribution to the arts and we wish her well for the future.

Farewell Bridgette Brukman....

Farewell Brukman Consulting.... 

We Thank You!!

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