Bruised Not Broken

By Lynne Hendricks

‘You can do it. We believe in you. We are proud of you.’

These words echo through her mind and she gently shakes her head to rid herself of their last traces.

She frowns at her reflection in the mirror, the only sound now audible, her own raspy breath and the thump, thump of her broken heart.  


She takes a step closer to the mirror and closes her eyes

Paralyzed with fear, she concentrates on the thumping of her heart.

She exhale one long breath, as she takes another step closer to the mirror.


‘I can do it. I believe in myself. I am proud of myself.’ She whispers.

She finally opens her eyes, as she inhales.

Her motions take over, and she allows the mask she’s been hiding behind to finally shatter.

She takes in her reflection, her blue eyes, her full red lips and her messy hair.


‘I am bruised not broken.’ she whispers

Her blue bruised eyes, 

Her full red lips swollen - bleeding.

Bleeding from the last beating she endured.


‘I am bruised not broken

I can do this

I will do this

I will overcome this adversity


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