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By Lynne Hendricks · May 30, 2021
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The month of May saw the launch of a new campaign. A campaign to support struggling artists affected by Covid-19, as many of them hadn't performed in front of a live audience in over a year. It can be said that Covid had locked them down and the entire entertainment industry seized too exist for a while, as a direct result of the worldwide lockdown. 

A Few artist struggled by hosting online shows, but these proved to be a costly practice and the lack of having access to the proper infrastructure resulted in many futile attempts to keep the arts alive. Artist slowly started making a comeback, as the Lockdown levels were lifted. Sadly for many it meant starting from scratch, rebuilding the support and following they had prior to lockdown.

The Roxy Review Bar at Grandwest, empathised with the artists and approached owner and founder of Brukman Consulting, Bridgette Brukman and proposed  a collaboration. Bridgette jumped into action and rounded up as many artist as she could and Arts Unite was born. On 5  May Arts Unite was launched. It consisted of 16 shows running for the entire month of May. 

Artist had free creative reign on stage and they did not disappoint, as they each brought  their own flair and personality to stage. Zeldene Macdonald kicked off the campaign, followed by  Keanu Harker and Claire Phillips the first week. The second week featured, The PJ Twins, Tye Platinum and Salome Damon Johansen, followed by Craig Lucas, Fagrie Isaacs and Nur Abrahams the third week.The fourth and final week saw Anslin Gysman, Vuvu Kumalo and Robin Pieters who closed off the festivities.  

The Roxy Review Bar has strict Covid regulations in place and the numbers were limited. Many fans were left disappointed, as they could not be present to watch their favourite artist perform.  Each week also saw a comedian or two taking to the stage.  The artist felt alive and at home being back on stage, doing what they loved best. 

The month of May, may be drawing to a close, but this is not the end. Watch this space for what's for to come.  The fun has only just started. 

Follow @LHMediaHub and @BrukmanConuslting on social media to be informed of what to come next... It's not over yet.


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