A story of hope: From Yummy to Shihaam.

By Lynne Hendricks · Jul 31, 2020
A story of hope: From Yummy to Shihaam. picture

She was found on the streets of Bellvile, after a Facebook post of her singing went viral. Robin Pieters and Craig Lucas made it their mission to find her and give her an opportunity to share her talent with the rest to the world. It took them two days of driving around and asking around to find her. Shihaam Fisher, better know as Yummy originates from Bontehuewel and due to her circumstances at the time, found herself on the streets.

Robin and Craig, tracked her down and made her an offer she could not refuse. An opportunity to perform live on stage with them at An Ode To Women. Yummy agreed to do so and get herself ready. She has since returned to her family home in preparation for her performance. She has been to rehearsals and available to meet and chat with Robin and Craig. Yummy wants to make a change to her life.

Her family have benefitted greatly. They have been searching and hoping that one day she would return to them and now they have her back. They are grateful to Craig and Robin for tracking her down and encouraging her to change her life.

Cape Town once again showed its true spirit of community, as people came forward and offered to help, dress, feed and help get Yummy ready to the show.  The Lockdown has not been easy on most people, as many have lost their jobs, yet those who can afford too and those who just wanted to help, reached out to help Yummy and her family in any way they could.

This is a true story of hope and community spirit. Well done Cape Town for reaching out and to Yummy for taking a hold of the hands reaching out to you.

Don’t forget to catch Yummy tomorrow night on stage at An Ode To Women as we enter August known as  the month for Women.  

Happy Women’s Month

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