2020 Lessons: Be True To Yourself

By Lynne Hendricks · Dec 13, 2020
2020 Lessons: Be True To Yourself picture

This has not been the easiest year and many of us are familiar with the saying that next year will be better; or next year will be my year, as we bid farewell to one year and welcome in a fresh new year.

We are hopeful and optimistic that things will get better, as we change our outlook on what's to come. Little did we know that 2020 would teach us the most important lesson. It's the year that forced us all to remain in doors and at home; to stay away from family, friends and work;  it taught  us to work remotely and in isolation, but more importantly if forced us to spend time with ourselves. 

It forced us to get to know our true selves and reevaluate our worth, our values and our strengths. 

Many of us lost our jobs and had to push our pride aside and ask for help. 

Many of us had to finally step outside of our comfort zone and take the leap to find ways of earning an income to pay the rent, pay the bills, and feed our families. 

We went ahead and started our own Business, but that wasn't all we did. 

We've finally acknowledged true our value, true our worth and true our strengths

Let 2021 be the year, where we see our Business come into its own. 

The year where we become the true persons we are meant to be. 2020 may not have been kind to us, but it has taught us the most valuable lesson, and that's to be true to ourselves.

My wish for you for 2021 is to go forth and believe in yourself. Follow your dream, follow your passion and make it happen. Small Business is the way to go. 

Do not give up. Let's continue to support our family and friends who are running Small Businesses. 

2020 has given us permission to do just that.



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